Our districts serve a combined total of 950 students. Ready Springs Union School District serves the town of Rough and Ready and the southern portions of Penn Valley. Pleasant Valley School District encompasses Lake Wildwood and the western portion of Penn Valley. Both districts are operated by a common district office referred to as a shared management team. The shared management team was created to offer the districts greater depth, efficiency, quality of service in district operations, and school site support. The district office staff consists of a superintendent, administrative assistant, business manager, two financial assistants, maintenance and operations supervisor, and a director of special education. Each district maintains its own autonomy with separate boards and budgets.                                   .               

This is a community of talented administrators, dedicated teachers and staff, and supportive parents who have a passion for excellence in all that we do. Both districts are a collection of people who genuinely care about children and one another and who are committed to working with the community and its students to promote a love of learning. All of our schools are safe, well maintained, and staffed with exceptional teachers. Our students benefit from a high caliber curriculum as well as the arts, music, technology, gardens, special clubs and athletic opportunities.

Ready Springs Union Elementary School District is comprised of Ready Springs Elementary School, a K-8 elementary school and Vantage Point Charter School (a K-12 charter school). 

Ready Springs Elementary School opened in September of 1957.  The school is very excited to offer many programs to accomodate the needs of our students and their families including an all day kindergarten program, on site preschool, and after school recreation and daycare.

Vantage Point Charter School provides an exciting alternative to traditional education by fostering academic progress in a safe, friendly, and professional environment.  Our goal is to enable students to become self-motivated, academically competent, and life-long learners. Vantage Point serves students in grades K-12 with an independent study program.

Pleasant Valley Elementary School District comprises of one elementary school.