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My childhood years were spent growing up in small rural towns in Idaho and Nevada. Some of my fondest memories of those early years are the daily fishing trips my father took me on, sometimes walking up unscathed heavily wooded canyons. My family would hike into beautiful mountain lakes, build large log rafts to float on the water and sing in harmony around the campfire at night. We enjoyed wonderful meals from our daily catch of fresh rainbow trout and ample miner’s lettuce we’d collected as our salad. We explored old railroad and ghost towns, abandoned cabins, gold and silver mines, caves and shanty towns. We searched for arrowheads, mineral crystals, buried bottles and old rusty square nails. Nature and history fascinated me as a child and continues to do so today. At age 12 my family relocated to central California where I became a boy scout continuing my camping, hiking and fishing expeditions into California mountains and lakes.

It was around age 16 that I became interested in real estate. My first purchase was a steep forested lot in Cambria, California which I later traded as a down payment on a house. I then purchased a 10 acre parcel of land near Springville, California, and at age 17 purchased my first of many home rehabilitation projects in Bakersfield, California. Although I worked successfully in several other professions during my lifetime, I remember my mother continually telling me: “Alan, you should be selling real estate”.

In 1984, after working up the ranks in a large life insurance company, I became a Regional Vice President with that company and also began selling securities to investors. It was at this point I realized how much I enjoyed helping others build their investment portfolios. With my knowledge of real estate investing, in 1989, I made the difficult decision to leave my lucrative insurance and securities business, jumping headlong into real estate to sell property in the small forested coastal town of Cambria, California.

During my first 3 years in Cambria, I sold real estate with Century 21. I earned top honors as the top listing and top selling agent in my community. My personal production passed all previous listing and sales records on the Central Coast, and I was recognized as being at a production level that only the top 1% of real estate agents nationwide had reached. I worked with Century 21 until mid 1992, when I ventured out to open my first real estate brokerage, “Cambria Realty”.

In late 1995 I began reaching beyond the boundaries of the central coast, to list and sell properties in mountain and lake regions throughout northern California. I developed a Lot Flip Program which allowed me to sell over 1,000 lots in northern California lake communities to my real estate investor clients, who subsequently resold most of these lots, at much higher prices. I coached many of my clients on how to use their Self Directed Retirement Plans such as IRA’s, Sep IRA’s, Roth IRA’s and some 401K plans, to complete these lot purchases and resale’s, allowing them to defer and/or avoid paying taxes on their investment profits.

From my initial real estate brokerage office in Cambria, I opened two other successful real estate brokerages in northern California, including Manor Realty in Chester, and Foxwood Realty, Inc., inside the Foxwood subdivision at Lake Almanor, California.  My wife Cherie and I opened several successful businesses in Cambria, including two art galleries, and a wonderful retail store with a gourmet coffee bar. I also began consulting on land subdivisions and lot splits, RV Park projects and numerous other large and small redevelopment projects. I have consulted and been involved in selling hotels, restaurants, bakeries, a casino and numerous other businesses as well.  As a successful broker, during my 22 years in real estate, I have had the privilege of working on more than 200 new home and/or commercial construction projects, as well as being a principal partner on numerous subdivision mapping projects and/or lot split projects, and have partnered on several home renovation flip projects.

In 2007, Cherie and I decided to move to Grass Valley, California. During these past 4 years, I have continued helping real estate buyers and sellers purchase and sell properties throughout northern California. Through a discounted mortgage purchase and resale program, I have also helped over 20 homeowners stay in their homes that may have otherwise been displaced through foreclosure. From my current real estate brokerage office in Grass Valley, Sierra Heritage Realty, I provide real estate services to buyers and sellers in Nevada County, Sierra, Yuba, Placer, Butte and Plumas Counties.

Being familiar with development and zoning requirements in most small northern California mountain communities, gives me a huge advantage when working with buyers. I am a knowledgeable broker who understands the importance of good communication and staying current with where the market is moving. Through my web site:, I strive to provide buyers access to current articles and information that may affect their decisions and property purchase.

Sellers usually choose to work with me because they sense I truly care about what is important to them. I’m honest in my valuations.

Land Resume

Development Parcels Sold & Consulted on by Alan Savage:

 1992 – 1997 

East West Ranch (Fiscalinni Ranch) – I sold a 350 acre coastal ranch, in Cambria, California for $2,300,000. This old ranch consisted of 15 entitled lots. I worked with the developer for several years helping them acquire 16 additional small parcels that surrounded the ranch. As a fallback position, in case the developer were to be denied a rezone to complete their golf course subdivision project, using these additional parcels I’d sold them, to submit for a Lot Line Adjustment; the developer could then create 31 mini coastal ranches. Prior to completion of the developer’s lot line adjustment, they were presented a $12,000,000 Offer from the American Land Conservancy. The developer was able to complete the resale of this Ranch to the Land Conservancy in 2007.

1995 – 1997

Peachy Canyon Subdivision – The 323 acre Williams Ranch in Cambria, California is located adjacent to coastal Hwy 1 just north of Cambria. I sold the ranch to a private party for $2,350,000 who wanted to build his personal 10,000 square foot residence on one of the four underlying entitled parcels. After helping with a lot line adjustment and getting water right entitlements from the local Cambria Water District, I then resold two of the remaining adjusted parcels for 1 ½ times the original cost of the entire property. The owner then built his ocean view home on one of the two remaining parcels. A few years later I worked with the owner and an appraisal company to set a value for the remaining 130 acre parcel (based on its ability to be subdivided into 5 Acre parcels.) We then traded a conservation easement to a conservancy group, for approximately $7,500,000 in tax write offs for the owner.

2004 – 2005

Siskiyou Lake Highlands – Representing a small group of Investors, I sold the developers remaining 14 lots in this golf course community in Mt. Shasta. We had the lots cleared of brush and resold them all within the 18 months at an increased resale price of 50% to 100%.

2004 – 2007

Little Bear Road – This was a 75 acre river front parcel in Blairsden/Graeagle, California. I purchased this parcel with a friend for $650,000. We struggled for a year, trying to get our 7 lot subdivision approved. Already having two underlying entitled parcels, we decided to forgo our subdivision plans and instead offered to donate 2 slivers of land located at the edge of our property, to the State Forest Service. – The Forest Service owned a small corner of land at one end of our river front parcel. Donating these two slivers of land, identifying each by a Meets and Bounds Survey, with each sliver being donated separately to the State Forest Service, we were allowed to simply do a lot line adjustment from these two newly created donation parcels to complete a new 4 lot split. We then resold the 4 new parcels for $2,190,000 over the next 2 ½ years.

2004 – 2007

Old College Tract – To a handful of my investors I sold 9 of the original developers 11 remaining lots in this 27 lot subdivision which overlooks Huntington Lake, California. We waited for the developer to sell his remaining two lots before we began reselling each of these lots for at least double what we purchased them for. We continued doing this purchase and resale program, throughout 27 northern California mountain communities totaling close to 1,000 lot flips from 2005 through 2007.

2005 – 2006

Lake Almanor West – I sold the last 12 developer lots in this subdivision to several of my investors, who cleaned the lots of low lying limbs & brush. I then resold them for approximately double the price paid, within 12 months.

2005 – 2007

Lake Almanor Homes – I sold a previously listed subdivision parcel in Chester, California, for $625,000, to one of my developers. This property had an expired Tentative Map for 76 – 1/3 Acre home sites. I consulted on pricing, lot phasing and new home development standards. My developer built and sold several homes before I resold the remaining 57 lots for $2,950,000 to an out of the area contractor.

2005 – 2007

Shiloh Ranch, LLC – Was the founding member (CEO) of a 550 acre ranch parcel in Tulare County. We purchased this property at $650,000 and prepared to submit an initial tentative map for 115 parcels. Prior to submission of the tentative map, our LLC was traded at a value of $2,850,000.

 2005 – 2007

Foxwood Subdivision – After selling approximately 140 lots in less than 4 weeks throughout the Lake Almanor basin in 2005, I was contacted by the retiring broker for the Foxwood Subdivision (to see if my buyers may be interested in purchasing a package of 10 Foxwood lots from the developer. After selling these lots in less than 2 weeks, the developer offered to let me sell 1/3 of his project (165 Lots – Cedarwood Village) to one of my central coast building contractors. This would help reduce the existing lot inventory for Foxwood and begin seeding the project with new homes to sell. I sold the project to a contractor from Templeton, California (who was also a pilot.) We flew to Lake Almanor each week with my Contractor to oversee the project. Within a couple months I was asked to be the broker for Foxwood & Cedarwood, overseeing all lot and home sales. I did this for approx. 2 ½ years. During my first year as Broker for Foxwood Realty, Inc., my new Brokerage sold over 100 new subdivision lots at Foxwood. During my 2 ½ year brokerage oversight at Foxwood, I acted as a consultant on lot phasing and CC&R development, helped determine lot lay out, consulted on subdivision amenities and pricing at each released phase of the project. I also helped develop a powerful subdivision web site for the project, which still is used by the Development to promote the project.

2005 – 2008

Hamilton Branch RV Park – I and a handful of my investor clients, purchased a lake front (recreation zoned) parcel of land in Lake Almanor, for $650,000. I spearheaded a redevelopment plan for this parcel as a new RV Park. We completed installation of a new leach field and developed a tentative layout for 16 RV spots, including a club house and new improved boat dock. After completing the initial septic design and curtain drain installation, we resold this property & project for $950,000.

2006 – 2007

Rod & Reel Trailer Park – I represented the seller only, in the sale of this 23 unit trailer park in Cambria, California which I sold for $2,350,000. This property was located on 2.75 Acres of prime commercial/residential zoned land on Main Street, near Cambria’s West Village. After escrow closing, the buyer approached me to consult with him, the County Planning Department and local water district, on items related to this property’s potential redevelopment as 2 commercial (street front) units and several river front residential condominiums.

2006 – 2008

Rocky Ledge Estates – Level 126 acre parcel near Burney, California. I sold this parcel to a developer client for $725,000. I consulted on completing required soils tests and the final map for the project. I helped sell the first 5 lots in this subdivision, allowing the Developer to recoup most of his original purchase price. These sales seeded the project with “sold signs”, so I felt comfortable to turn the subdivision lot sales over to a local broker in Burney, CA.

2006 – 2009

Timber Ridge Estates – I purchased a 13.89 Acre parcel of subdivision land in Lake Almanor with a couple of my friends. This land was zoned for high density. My partners and I have submitted a tentative map for the future subdivision of this parcel into 54 lots.


Hi Alan,

“I wanted to drop you a note saying thanks for working diligently to sell our Lake Wildwood house.  As you know we had the house listed with another agency for more than 1 1/2 years with only two low-ball offers.  Once you came on board and put your marketing strategy in place we had our first viable offer in a matter of a few weeks.

Although these buyers decided not to purchase the house you were determined to sell our property.  Again, after putting your marketing plan back to work we had a buyer soon thereafter who eventually followed through and closed escrow.  While we agree that the escrow was frustrating at times you kept us focused on the outcome not the process.

Again, thanks for your extraordinary efforts and insight.  I’m certain that without you as our agent the house would still be on the market.”

Best Regards,

Tom Spinetti


June 25, 2012

“I tried to sell a 10 acre parcel 12 miles outside of Grass Valley, Ca. for about 1 1/2 years using the newspaper and internet to no avail. A friend told me to talk to Alan Savage which was the best thing I did to sell the property.  Alan took my listing and sold my property  for $10,000 more than I was asking.   Alan walked me through all of the paper work so I felt comfortable with the contract adding what I wanted. Working very hard he sold my property within 2 weeks.

It was very nice to work with Alan and his wife, I will use them again for any other properties I sell.  And in the end I ended up with 2 new friends, there aren’t many people I can say that about.  They are about a lot more than just selling land and or property, they are good people.”

Paul Denton